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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the standard therapy for children who have an Autism Spectrum Disorder.  ABA analyzes all behavior by assessing environmental variables and how they influence behavior and learning.  At Collaborating for Kids, a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) will create, oversee, and direct all behavior programs.  Highly trained Registered Behavior Technicians (RBT) then carry out the programs by using the principals of ABA to address all behaviors, including communication, appropriate social skills, activities of daily living, toilet training, community skills, safety skills, and more.  Programs can range from 2 hours to 40 hours per week.

Clinical Psychologist (HSPP): Diagnoses autism through highly specialized testing tools.


Board Certified Behavioral Analyst (BCBA): Develops and supervises all programs with staff and parental input.


Program Managers: Provides individualized training and supervision with therapists to implement each child's program.


Registered Behavior Technicians: Provide intensive 1:1 therapy treatment services. 


Occupational Therapists: Available for collaborating with BCBA and ABA staff on program development.  Occupational Therapist may develop a sensory diet individualized for your child's needs with family training available.


Additional Onsite Therapists: Licensed clinic social worker, occupational, speech-language, and physical therapists.

Children enrolled at our ABA clinic may qualify for the following services:

  • Outpatient Services: OT, PT, ST

  • After School Programs

  • Community Outings

  • Collaboration with school and caregivers

For more information regarding our Autism/ABA program, please call 317-881-9965.

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